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 Anti-Scratch Sleeves

✌✌Look no further! Edenswear offers the best mitten sleeves on the market, combining the benefits and features of other brands and enhancing them with our unique fiber blend of TENCEL and SMARTCEL SENSITIVE. Suitable for eczema and chronic scratching from skin irritations, using these mitten sleeves will allow the skin to heal without uncontrollable scratching causing further damage. 

✌✌Edenswear Zinc-Infused Flip Mitten Sleeves are double layered with TENCEL and SMARTCEL SENSITIVE to provide the thickness and the softness to prevent damages to the skin from excessive scratching and rubbing. The cardigan design with Velcro hook & loop fastener in the front allows for ease in putting it on, but the durability to stay firm without worrying about being taken off by accident. 

TENCEL is a natural fiber that’s growing in popularity because of its many beneficial properties, such as having the softness of cotton, the breathability of linen, the smoothness of silk, and the antimicrobial properties of wool. 
Zinc is infused with TENCEL in a special blending process to create a patented material called SMARTCEL SENSITIVE. Zinc has proven clinically effective in reducing flares, stop bacterial growth, and soothe irritations. Zinc oxide is found in many anti-itch creams for eczema and other skin conditions. 


Since zinc is a trace element essential to our body and a component for skin-building enzymes, direct skin exposure with the Edenswear Zinc-infused Wrap has many health benefits. Zinc is like a 24-hour skin mechanic – helping to repair damaged tissues, reduce inflammation and heal wounds. It is vital in keeping our immune system strong and has a positive effect on skin regeneration.