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Something novice parents should pay attention to!Baby's common rash identification and care

The skin of a newborn is very tender and sensitive. There are some erythema, eruption and desquamation in the skin sometimes often make novice parents very nervous....

These symptoms are mainly due to the incomplete development of keratoderma and the insufficiency of skin barrier. So when the skin of baby is stimulated by foreign substances or bacteria, the conditions suan as damage and allergies are more likely to occur.

In addition, baby may feel uncomfortable when first exposed to the environment outside the body, resulting in a number of sensitive problems related skin. And because the prone period of each kind of disease is different, the child can encounter different skin problem in each growth stage.

In order to make novice parents learn more similar problems, Edenswear allergist list five common symptoms based on experience:

The five most common ‘dangerous muscles’ of newborns:

  1. Toxic Erythema Neonatorum


Toxic Erythema Neonatorum usually appears within the first few days of birth. It may appear on the face, trunk and limbs and the eruption showed the sahpe of 1-3cm erythema. Sometimes the middle looks like white and even feels hard and showed the sahpe of pustular. Its incidence rate is about 50 ~ 75% and it is the common skin disease in newborn.

The cause is unknown and there will be no pruritus after the eruption appears. It will disappear after one to two weeks without any special treatment.

It should be differentiated from other infectious diseases. If the newborn amalgamates the symptom that are poor appetite and activity, the baby need futher diagnosis and treatment.


There are white or yellowish small eruptions like nose acne in the nose and face in the newborn which is miliaria. The reason why the newborn have miliaria is that the sebaceous glands are not well developed enough to allow secretions from the skin to effluence from the body to make the secretions accumulate inside the skin, resulting the form of eruption like small white millt.

It usually disappears or falls off fter a few weeks. Do not squeeze to avoid scarring.

          3.Acne Neonatorum


It is also called ‘newborn whelk’. It occurs mainly on the cheek and nose and it looks like the adult whelk which is like red papules with white pus and pimples. It usually occurs around the time baby is born or the baby is 2 to 3 weeks old. The reason why it appears is that the male hormone of mather enters the child's blood circulation and causes the sebaceous glands to secrete vigorously.

The problem about nursing parents should pay attention to:

  • Do not squeeze or scratch or it is easy to cause infection and the formation of scars. Put gloves on your baby if necessary.
  • Clean the face with clean water and warm baby bath products to keep your skin dry and clean. Avoid extra baby oil and creams containing hormones, which can worsen acne.
  • Don't believe the old prescription and scribbles. The disease has a tendency of self-healing and will not leave scars. Parents can rest and wait.
  • If the acne continues and the baby has the symptoms such as sexual precocity and male-like symptoms, the parents need to consult a pediatric endocrinologist for the diagnosis and treatment.

         4.Heat Rash


Heat rash is also called sweat rash or prickly heat.

The reasons why the baby is likely to have heat rash include high ambient temperature, poor central nervous system control and hypoplasia of the skin, which causes pores to become blocked and sweat can not be discharged, leading to skin swelling.

It usually occurs on the back and the folds of the skin that are often sweaty and under pressure, but sometimes it's because mom and dad dress their kids too much. So don't pack too much clothing for your child, except paying attention to room temperature. In addition, it's also possible that the emulsion caused the sweat glands to clog up. If it is suspected to be caused by the emulsion, the parents should consider to stop or replace for a more refreshing emulsion.

Only when the baby have the pimple or pruritus, the durg is needed. Otherwise, the heat rash will soon disappear after keeping cool without any treatment.


Eczema is a common skin allergy in infants aged 0 ~ 2 years.

The main reason is the cutin with the congenital loss of moisturizing ingredients reduced protection, so that foreign irritants and allergens are easy to invade the skin, resulting in skin allergy and inflammation. The rashes are more appear on the outside of the face and limbs in infancy. As the baby get older, the rashes begin to appear at the bends of the limbs such as elbows and legs.

The problem about nursing parents should pay attention to:

(The emphasis should be placed on moisturizing and is to prevent the baby scratch to maintain skin stability.)

  • Cleanliness: The water temperature does not exceed 40°C and the weak acid productsshould be used (Three principles when buy thing: no fragrance, no preservatives and no pigment.). If the baby sweats easily in summer, parents should avoid the continuous stimulation of sweat on the baby's skin. Wipe off the sweat in time.
  • Maintenance: Apply emulsion to enhance moisture retention in dry areas. Use pure natural emulsion or the emulsion ingredients should be as simple as possible. When the skin still leaves some water on the surface, the parents should quickly rub on the emulsion to let the skin absorb to achieve the effect of replenishing water and locking water.
  • Treatment: The baby with eczema is more likely to scratch their skin because of pruritus. Apply appropriate amount of hormone ointment can improve pruritus, but do not stop because of improved symptoms, please follow the instructions of medication.
  • As far as possible choose loose, ventilation and sweat-absorbing cotton or choose Tencel clothes which have more ability of humidity regulating than cotton. Tencel is better than cotton clothes in fine, non friction, moisture absorption and perspiration. In addition, the Tencel clothes with the addition of medical-grade zinc oxide has excellent effects in antibacterial and skin repair.


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