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Edenswear Zinc-infused adult Mask
Edenswear Zinc Infused Tencel Eczema Balaclava for Adults

Edenswear Zinc Infused Tencel Eczema facial mask for Adults

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The zinc-fiber balaclava is Edenswear's solution to eczema on the face and head. The TENCEL® fabrics, containing zinc oxide, is smooth as silk and conducive for skin regeneration. It provides a way of wrapping the face, which would otherwise be hard to manage.
Guide: Used on face with eczema to prevent it from being


☆ RELIEF FOR SENSITIVE SKIN - Protects and provides relief for babies with sensitive, delicate skin and, other skin conditions. Fine, lightweight fabric is highly pliable and breathable for extra comfort against the skin

☆ SMART FABRIC - Tencel blended with Smartcel Sensitive fabric releases tiny amounts of zinc oxide to help to regenerate the skin, improve the healing of wounds and reduce inflammation

☆ OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified free of more than 100 regulated and unregulated substances known to be harmful

☆ LIGHT AND COMFY - Fine, lightweight fabric is highly pliable and breathable for extra comfort against the skin

☆ LONG LASTING & MACHINE-WASHABLE - Even after multiple washing cycles, the material will continue to release zinc and remain effective


75% Tencel; 19% Smartcel Sensitive; 6% spandex

Zinc Fiber Series Features

Our Zinc Fiber Series blends regenerated fibers and zinc into our products. Since zinc has natural soothing, antibacterial and antipruritic properties, it's the perfect choice for individuals who suffer from skin irritants. Additionally, zinc aids with curbing body odor and sweat.

Zinc is an indispensable nutrient that the human body needs. By infusing it into our Zinc Fiber Series, we can create a better life for those with sensitive skin.

Edenswear's Role

At Edenswear, we take great pride in providing high-quality and skin-healthy products. At the same time, we work toward being an eco-friendly company that keeps protecting the environment. By focusing on this, we can pursue our belief of creating products that are not only healthy for our customers but also comfortable to wear.

As a company provides products for both children and adults, we take safety very seriously. This focus and drive has led us to use pollution-free materials to make our products. We hope that when you try our products, you have a pleasant experience. We want Edenswear to continue to be the name that you trust.