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Edenswear Zinc-Oxide infused Disposable Tubular Bandage For Eczema wet Wraps treatment

Edenswear Zinc-Oxide infused Disposable Tubular Bandage For Eczema wet Wraps treatment

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These eczema bandage wraps are the perfect way to cover and soothe sensitive skin. You can cut them to the length that you need, which makes them perfect for covering arms, legs, knees, and elbows. They help reduce the urge to itch dry skin, which promotes quick healing.

The bandage, made of fiber containing pharmaceutical-grade zinc oxide, is anti-bacteria and helps the regeneration and coalesion of the skin.

Contains Pharmaceutical-grade Zinc Oxide

The bandages are made out of fabric that contains pharmaceutical-grade zinc oxide, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Zinc oxide also makes the wraps antibacterial and great at speeding up the regeneration of the skin. They are hypoallergenic too, so you don't have to worry about them further irritating sensitive skin. 

WHITE wraps are 1.5 centimeters wide (0.59 inches wide) and perfect for the finger. They can stretch from 3 to 9 centimeters long (1.18 to 3.54 inches long).

RED wraps are 3 centimeters wide (1.18 inches wide) and perfect for the arm of a 3-month-old baby. They can stretch from 6 to 16 centimeters long (2.36 to 6.3 inches long).

☆ GREEN wraps are 6 centimeters wide (2.36 inches wide). This size makes them perfect for going around the calves or arms of babies and small children. They stretch from 12 to 28 centimeters long (4.72 to 11 inches long).

☆ BLUE wraps are 8 centimeters wide (3.15 inches wide), so they're a good option for the thigh of a baby or the calf of a child. You could even use them for the arm of an adult. They stretch from 16 to 44 centimeters long (6.3 to 17.32 inches long).

☆ YELLOW wraps are 11 centimeters wide (4.33 inches wide). This size can fit a baby's body or the thigh of an adult, and they can stretch from 22 to 66 centimeters long (8.66 to 26 inches long).

☆ BROWN wraps are 19 centimeters wide (7.48 inches wide), making them perfect for fitting the calf of a child or an adult's arm. They can stretch from 38 to 90 centimeters long (14.96 to 35.43 inches long).


☆ Its two-way stretch allows complete freedom of movement

☆ A variety of different sizes to choose from, suitable for any part of the body

☆ Weaving with Tencel yarn has better moisturizing ability than cotton

☆ 99.9% sterilization rate against drug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus


    fiber content: 17% Lyocell (zinc) 63% Lyocell  22% Spandex


    Zinc Fiber Series Features

    Our Zinc Fiber Series blends regenerated fibers and zinc into our products. Since zinc has natural soothing, antibacterial and antipruritic properties, it's the perfect choice for individuals who suffer from skin irritants. Additionally, zinc aids with curbing body odor and sweat.

    Zinc is an indispensable nutrient that the human body needs. By infusing it into our Zinc Fiber Series, we can create a better life for those with sensitive skin.

    Edenswear Anti-Scratch Series

    When dealing with sensitive skin, scratching is the enemy. Using research gathered by analytical behaviors from those suffering from eczema and other sensitive skin problems, we created this series of products to provide relief for people of all ages. These products can also protect the skin of young children who scratch unintentionally.

    Edenswear's Brand Image

    We take our brand image very seriously at Edenswear. We want our image to center around the creation of healthy and safe products that bring comfort and beauty to the lives of our customers and their families. This image is only achieved through hard work and developing products that solve real-life problems.

    However, we don't want our pursuit to tax natural resources, which is why we also focus on sustainability. This includes recycling and creating wearable products that are suitable for our customers.