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Key Factor of Zinc Oxide Skin Care

The use of zinc oxide in skin care can be traced back to ancient Egyptian times.

Zinc oxide has been used in the adjuvant therapy of skin wounds since ancient Egypt, and is still widely used today. When the skin appears such symptoms as eczema, rashes, diaper rash, and bedsores, zinc oxide creams are more commonly prescribed than Steroid creams. Besides, the products most mothers keep at home, such as buttocks cream and Prickly heat powder, also contain zinc oxide. What’s more, it can form a barrier on the skin to isolate irritants or moisture.

What is zinc oxide?

Zinc oxide literally means an oxide of zinc. In nature, it is the main component of the zincite. Artificial zinc oxide is a white powdery substance that is made of pure zinc oxide or roasted zinc ore, and is insoluble in water, but soluble in acids or strong bases. At the same time, it is also called zinc white and can be used as an additive in a variety of materials and products.

Zinc is a rare metal element needed for the human body operation

Zinc cannot be stored in the body and must be taken daily. Zinc deficiency can cause a variety of symptoms such as infants with developmental delays, adults with dull skin, loss of appetite, decreased sperm in men, and menstrual periods in women. Normally, adult men should get 15 milligrams of zinc a day. For adult women, pregnant women and nursing women, and children, it is 12, 15, 10 milligrams, respectively. Among the top 10 foods that contain zinc, the most zinc content is found in Turkey, which has 17 milligrams of zinc per 100 calories. Other foods high in zinc content,in that order, are wheat germ, pig feet, oysters, satyrichthys, white sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, mutton, mullet roe and yeast, etc.

What is the function of zinc oxide? Why did Edenswear use the high-Quality DBA10 class 4 zinc oxide Tencel materials for clothes?

The functions of zinc oxide are:

  1. Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, sterilization and antipruritic. Make the skin convergent and tight. Block the A/B band of ultraviolet rays in the sun. Safe to use on the skin. No stimulating effect. A quite excellent physical sunscreen. Added to many sunscreens.
  2. Deodorant and anti-mold.
  3. A trace element needed by the human body. The lack of it may lead to some physiological lesions. This is why zinc oxide is added to most medications, creams and dressings used to treat skin diseases such as dermatitis, trauma, ulcers and allergies.

Edenswear uses the high technology to put medical grade zinc oxide inside fabric fibers to make clothes for eczema patients. Hospital clinical trials have shown that Edenswear's zinc-oxide Tencel clothing can alleviate the discomfort caused by sensitive skin and other skin problems by continuously releasing trace amounts of zinc ions while wearing them. Choose Edenswear's allergy resistant clothing, which is the best care for babies, children and skin sensitive people

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