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About us

Edenswear's Role

At Edenswear, we take great pride in providing high-quality and skin-healthy products. At the same time, we work toward being an eco-friendly company that keeps protecting the environment. By focusing on this, we can pursue our belief of creating products that are not only healthy for our customers but also comfortable to wear.
As a company provides products for both children and adults, we take safety very seriously. This focus and drive has led us to use pollution-free materials to make our products. We hope that when you try our products, you have a pleasant experience. We want Edenswear to continue to be the name that you trust.

Comfortable wearing environment

Improve the quality of life of children and adults with sensitive skin diseases such as allergic dermatitis, eczema, skin allergies.

Back to nature

we use the most pollution-free functional cloth-zinc oxide Tencel fiber or cotton material, to design and develop suitable products for users with skin problems. Reduces discomfort and makes life more natural.

Key Features of Our EDS Products

Our EDS products provide a number of features and benefits for customers. On top of offering physical protection, they're soft and functional. The infusion of Tencel and zinc-oxide improves comfort for those who have contact skin irritation. Since we don't use any harmful chemicals in our products, our EDS line offers the ultimate wearing experience.

We understands skin allergies

Several children in our team are patients with mild atopic dermatitis. Over the years, we have received many affirmations from product users. Gradually reduce skin itching, scratching or twisting related problems. In addition to dietary concerns, Edenswear products can help you alleviate many problems.

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We use certified high-quality fabrics to design Eczema Clothing Product that improve eczema and continue to develop better products. Hope to bring you more effective skin problem solutions.
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Edenswear's Brand Image

We take our brand image very seriously at Edenswear. We want our image to center around the creation of healthy and safe products that bring comfort and beauty to the lives of our customers and their families. This image is only achieved through hard work and developing products that solve real-life problems.
However, we don't want our pursuit to tax natural resources, which is why we also focus on sustainability. This includes recycling and creating wearable products that are suitable for our customers.