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 Edenswear Zinc-infused Shoulder and Neck Wrap for neck eczema
 Edenswear Zinc-infused Shoulder and Neck cover for neck eczema
Edenswear Zinc-Fiber Neck and Shoulder Wrap for Kids and Adults with Eczema

Edenswear Zinc-Fiber Neck and Shoulder Wrap for Kids and Adults with Eczema

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The zinc-fiber neck and shoulder wrap is Edenswear's solution to eczema on the neck and shoulder. The TENCEL® fabrics, containing zinc oxide, is smooth as silk and  provides a way of wrapping the nape and shoulder area, which would otherwise be hard to manage.

  • 75% TENCEL Lyocell/19% Zinc-Infused TENCEL/6% Spandex
  • SKIN RELIEF - Protects and provides relief for delicate skin from eczema, neurodermatitis and other skin impediments
  • ZINC INFUSED FIBERS - Made from smartcelTM sensitive material, which is a zinc oxide embedded fiber with numerous health benefits
  • SOFT MATERIAL & TEXTURE - Silky soft and gentler on your child's sensitive skin, while minimizing itching and infections
  • LONG LASTING & MACHINE-WASHABLE - Even after multiple washing cycles, the material will continue to release zinc and remain effective

    Zinc Fiber Series Features

    Our Zinc Fiber Series blends regenerated fibers and zinc into our products. Since zinc has natural soothing, antibacterial and antipruritic properties, it's the perfect choice for individuals who suffer from skin irritants. Additionally, zinc aids with curbing body odor and sweat.

    Zinc is an indispensable nutrient that the human body needs. By infusing it into our Zinc Fiber Series, we can create a better life for those with sensitive skin.

    Edenswear Anti-Scratch Series

    When dealing with sensitive skin, scratching is the enemy. Using research gathered by analytical behaviors from those suffering from eczema and other sensitive skin problems, we created this series of products to provide relief for people of all ages. These products can also protect the skin of young children who scratch unintentionally.